Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Workshop/Gift Shop

Each year when we do Daughter's Individual Plan, I stress the need for them to structure her time. I explain that Daughter doesn't do well with unstructured time. I explain that Daughter isn't able to structure her time. I tell them if there's nothing for her to do, they can give her a puzzle book and tell her to do a word search. They can ask her to sweep the floor, or read someone a book. I emphasize that she can't handle unstructured time.
Yesterday Daughter didn't call me at all. She came home happy. She was having a good day. She had been busy all day, helping Super Supervisor do some baking. Today, she's been calling me. She's bored. I've been trying to give her things to do, but it's not working well. It's in her plan. I emphasize whenever I see them. They see that Daughter can't handle unstructured time. So why didn't they structure her time for her today? Because I'll have her out a couple of days, she only has 10 more days to be there. I'm grateful.

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