Monday, September 13, 2010


One week from today I close on our new home. Two weeks from today the movers arrive. Five weeks from today I begin my ministry in Capital. Daughter is becoming more stressed, as is to be expected. Last night she had a meltdown-- she doesn't want to move, it's coming too fast.
This long goodbye is hard-- hard for everyone. At first I was so excited about moving, I wasn't thinking about saying goodbye. Now, the reality of saying goodbye is beginning to hit. This has been our home for over 14 years ago. Most of these people we will never see again. Of course we're sad. Of course it's hard to leave. This is where God is calling us, and it will be good. Getting there involves some stress. Getting there will involve some grief.
Today is my day off. I have an appointment to get my hair cut at 8:30, then I'm hoping to get the desk cleaned out and the file cabinets sorted. I have respite set up for Daughter this evening-- I'm going to have the worker work with her on on the guest room. Hopefully it will be a productive day.

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