Monday, September 20, 2010

The Last Board Meeting

Yesterday was my final board meeting at this church. Snippets and surprises:
  • I encouraged them to get someone to help Secretary with the youth group ASAP. I told them they were a great bunch of kids, and I loved them and would miss them. "I'll definitely miss the youth group. I'll miss SOME of you, but I'll miss all of them." The response: "And we want you to know that we will miss Daughter."
  • They were playing helpless and asking me to provide them with information. I pointed out they had all the information they needed in their notebooks, including all the calendar dates for the rest of the year.
  • They have lined up supply preachers through the end of November all ready.
  • They have decided to continue the Christmas Open House, though at the church.
  • Less than 2 years ago they were insisting they could not afford a full time pastor for much longer. Last night they insisted that they have to have a full time interim pastor.
  • They expressed appreciation for my work (not while I was there, of course).
  • They may have someone at the regional meeting tomorrow to express the church's appreciation for me as the region says goodbye.

Time is going to fly this last week, and I will have to prioritize my time and work carefully. The excitement builds, and with it the energy to do what must be done. I had a breakfast appointment this morning, and left Daughter home waiting for the bus. There was confusion, and the bus didn't come to get her. She called the workshop, found out what was happening, and then found someone here in Tiny Village to take her to the gift shop. I hope that she will continue to show that kind of independence and responsibility.

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