Friday, September 17, 2010

The Cure for Insomina

Apparently knowing that the mortgage is approved and that I will actually be able to close on the house today is the cure for insomnia. I think it was stressing me out even more than I realized. I fell asleep before the 15 minute evening prayer podcast was done, and slept until almost 6:00. My mind continues to race, and my shopping list is long.
This is going to be an exciting day. Daughter is coming around. She has her moments, but all things considered, she really is handling this very well. Therapist and I were talking about that yesterday. Therapist began to wrap things up with Daughter, and told Daughter the things Daughter had taught her. Daughter was happy until we pulled out of the parking lot, and then she began to cry. She told me that Therapist had told her about the things she had learned from her. She said, "It changed me." Leaving Therapist will be hard for her. Therapist is going to check out a new therapist in Capital, but Daughter isn't sure she wants one. We agreed that if she doesn't need one, we won't make an appointment.
I also reassured her that I don't expect her to responsible and independent the minute we move. She will have the opportunity to earn independence as she shows she is responsible, and I realize it will take time. Trying to figure out all of her fears/concerns is a challenge, and she still isn't always good at identifying and articulating what it is that is causing her stress/pain.
Now it's time to pack up the computer and get the last few things loaded into the car. We'll be there before lunch, which will give us time to tackle are very long shopping list and be ready to sign the final papers at 2:00.


Marge said...

What an exciting day this will be! Have fun and try to relax a bit!

God's blessings to you and Daughter.

maeve said...

Congrats on the mortgage, I guess. As for me I'm glad mine is paid and I don't have to worry about anything but the property taxes.

Things are perking along for you guys and that's so great. It won't be long now before the stress is lessening and you're getting the chance to settle in. Good thoughts from here.

Reverend Mom said...

Thank you both. It was a wonderful day.