Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lazy Day

Today has been a very lazy day.  We've watched football and movies, and that's about it.  I'm still coughing and don't have as much energy, but at least today my skin doesn't hurt and I'm not getting chills. 

Daughter has been amazingly patient with this.  Of course, she's been blowing her nose quite a bit, too. 

I realized at some point that we hadn't finished one of the bulletins.  We are having a Blue Christmas service Wednesday evening, and Administrative Assistant won't be in the office until Thursday this week.  I had decided that I wouldn't mention it to her, and I would just finish it.  Today I received an email from her, with the bulletin attached.  She said we could talk about it tomorrow.  I wasn't surprised that she remembered, or that she has a plan to finish it before she leaves. 

We're having a fellowship meal after the program tomorrow.  I think I'll stop at the store on the way to church tomorrow and buy some ready made cole slaw or something.  I don't feel like cooking, and I'm not going out today.  I don't feel up to it. 

Hopefully another good night's sleep and I'll be ready to go tomorrow.  Hopefully. 

Friday, November 29, 2013


We spent yesterday with Brother, Sister, family and friends.  It was a good day, though exhausting.  I drove 190 miles, picking up Daughter, then Sister and Short Niece, and going on to Brother's home.  I took my own food.  When I arrived and Brother hugged me, he lifted me off the floor.  He was impressed with my weight loss.  Sister took a picture of me and posted it on facebook.  I hate pictures of myself, but decided to make this one my profile photo.  It's nice to feel good about the way I look.

Today Daughter and I went out to breakfast and then to the grocery store and health food store.  She would have loved to do some other shopping as well, but once she saw the parking lot at the mall, decided maybe I did know a thing or two about shopping on Black Friday. 

My cough and cold is now taking a toll.  Earlier this week I had been proud to proclaim that while I sounded terrible, I didn't feel bad.  I can't say that anymore....  Daughter has been cleaning.  I've done a bit of cleaning, and a lot of sitting. 

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be improving.  The extra sleep and rest through the day will hopefully speed the healing process. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I was out of the office part of last week, and Administrative Assistant will be out of the office part of next week.  This is a busy time of year.  Basically, we were struggling to get 2 weeks worth of work done in 3 days.  To say it was a busy week would be an understatement.  At one point we were ahead, but this week we were behind. 

I have picked up the virus that's going around, so I've been coughing and don't have a voice.  I sound horrible, but really don't feel bad.  I am very grateful I'm not preaching this Sunday, since we have a drama and hanging of the greens. 

Tomorrow we're going to be with Brother and Sister for Thanksgiving.  I've told Daughter that she can come home with me tomorrow evening and spend the weekend.  I also warned her we will be working.  There is a lot of cleaning to do, and I'd like to get some decorations out and up.  I also hope to get some extra sleep. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The reunion this weekend was my first attempt at eating in this type of situation.  Breakfast was fine, because they were making custom omelets, so I could order mine without the meat or cheese that cause me trouble.  Lunch and supper was much more challenging.  For lunch the only thing they had that I could eat was gluten free bread.  I went up to my room and brought the pecan butter I had made down and put that on it.  One supper the only thing I could eat was a baked potato and the diced onions they had to put on top of it.  Again, I went to my room and got some goat cheese and almond cheese I had brought along.  It was a little frustrating, but it worked.  I think the most frustrating part was having no idea what might be in some of the foods they were serving. 

Here's what really interested me.  I was with 3 colleagues from my original group.  We are all well over 50.  3 of the 4 of us have been diagnosed with serious food sensitivities/allergies.  I am also amazed by the growing number of restaurants that are beginning to offer allergy menus.  It would seem that are issues with food sensitivities/allergies are growing.  I think it might be worth it to do some research as to why that is the case. 

I suspect that all the additives in our food and various other modifications we have made to food has something to do with it.  As I have been able to wear smaller sized clothes, I have made a discovery-- each size is bigger now than it was at one time.  I have some older slacks that are size 14 and tight.  I have some newer ones that are size 12 and loose.  I think our obesity epidemic is related to all these chemicals and such, too.  I had dieted many times, and never with much luck.  I had about given up, as I'm at the age where it is so hard for women to lose weight.  I changed my diet not to lose weight, but to deal with other health issues brought about by my body's reaction to foods to which I am sensitive.  The result:  weight loss.  The weight loss has come without hunger.  As I've added more food, I've figured the weight loss would stop and I'd have to be care if I wanted to keep it off.  I was delighted this morning to step on the scale and discover I'd lost another pound.  The weight loss may have slowed down, but it hasn't stopped. 

This diet isn't easy.  In fact, this diet is hard.  I haven't found a fast food restaurant with things I can eat.  It's challenging to find any restaurant that offers options of food I can eat.  I have to plan ahead and do more work to have food available that is convenient.  Even food that I am not sensitive to may cause issues depending on how it is prepared.  I bought some cashews recently and then discovered they'd been cooked in peanut oil.  I can eat a few, but not very many. 

I'm fortunate in that my mouth tells me when I'm eating a food I shouldn't eat.  I'm sensitive to black pepper, and yesterday morning the chef added a little black pepper to my omelet.  I could feel my mouth getting a little bit sore.  I was able to finish the omelet, but made a note to specify no black pepper in the future. 

Some people I know have taken the food champ challenge, and are eating on a food stamp budget.  I haven't tried that, and I doubt I could make it work.  The food I need does not come cheap.  Fortunately, I have access to it and can afford it. 

One final thought:  there most likely are people who are obese not because of laziness or lack of willpower, but because they are struggling with food sensitivities.  When are we going to hold companies accountable for the things they are putting in our food?  When are we going to say enough?  I hope that I have changed my diet soon enough to improve my health significantly.  For others, it is already too late. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I'm home from the reunion I attended this weekend.  It was a wonderful event.  I was able to reconnect with old friends.  Children who hadn't even been born when I last saw them are now off to college.  I was able to sit and worship without any responsibilities, a wonderful gift. 

A friend who was minister of music in a neighboring community back in my Inner City days was there to lead the music, and introduced us to some wonderful new hymns.  Because these were friends from my Inner City days, I found myself reflecting on those days and remembering things that happened there.  After 17 years, the pain is not as great.

My friends thought I looked great-- they confessed that they had worried about me back then.  I think they were pleasantly surprised that I am healthy, happy, and enjoying ministry.  Many pastors leave the ministry within their first five years.  I think that this program and group were a big part of the reason I was able to survive and continue.  We'd all experienced pain, and those of us who attended are all still engaged in some form of ministry.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Down Memory Lane

28 years ago I was ordained.  27 years ago I was invited to join a brand new program for new pastors.  We had several retreats with a large group, and then met monthly with a smaller group from our geographic area.  Today I drove a couple of hours to meet up with a woman from the group, then we drove 5 hours to a reunion.  I'm seeing people I haven't seen in over 20 years. 

It's great to reconnect with them.  It's hard to believe I've been doing this for so long.  It's hard to comprehend how much we've all aged....  We've been catching up, sharing pictures of our children, telling stories of ministry.  We'll head home Saturday.  I'm looking forward to taking more trips down memory lane tomorrow....

Monday, November 18, 2013


Cindy Bodie shared a link to this blog post yesterday.  It goes along with some of the things I have been reflecting on recently.  I get frustrated with those who think that what happened to Daughter was a long time ago and she should just get over it.  I've been accused of making her worst by seeking counseling and help for her.  If I didn't keep bringing it up, I'm told, it wouldn't be an issue.

I have been reflecting on it more because of my own fear.  There are times when I am terrified of going down stairs.  I passed on a tour of a lighthouse, because I was afraid to face coming back down the stairs.  I know my fear is irrational.  I get that.  Last night I went to a national touring company performance of a Broadway musical.  We were in the second row of the balcony.  I was terrified.  Once the show started I was fine, but we were in the center, and getting to my seat and back out was challenging.  I was holding the seats beside me.  My companion was behind me, and put her hands on my shoulders to steady me on the way out. 

So why am I so afraid?  As a young child, I fell down our basement steps.  I was a toddler.  They were open wooden stairs to a poured concrete basement.  There were some shelves next to the stairs with some of my toys on them.  I have one flash of memory-- I hit a toy train that was on the top of the shelves and knocked it off on the way down.  (That is the only memory I have of that particular toy, so it wasn't a toy that stayed around through my childhood.)  I don't remember how I fell, how far I fell, what happened when I got to the bottom, if I was hurt, what my mother did, or anything else.  When I was older, I mentioned something about falling down those stairs and my mother made some comment about being terrified.  I didn't ask her for details. 

There are times when I can handle stairs with no problem whatsoever.  Other times I go out of my way to avoid them, and cling to the hand rail all the way down when I can't avoid them.  This fear has been a bigger problem since I fell and broke my arm.  I worry about falling again. 

Does Daughter milk her PTSD and play it up to her advantage?  I'm sure she does.  Does that mean it's not real?  No.  There are times when an experience I had over 50 years gets in the way of me walking down stairs.  Her trauma was much worst and over an extended period of time.  I fell down the stairs once.  She was molested and beaten by family members on more than one occasion.  I know it still has an impact on her.  Yes, she is manipulative.  That doesn't mean there aren't times when her terror is real. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Calm Outside, Screaming Inside

Daughter called this evening.  "You know how you told me my insulin was going up by 1 unit at supper?  Well, my blood sugar was 121 and Staff gave me 9 units."

"How many units?"


She was supposed to get 5, hoping I misheard her, I asked, "She gave you 9 units?" 


I asked her to put Staff on the phone.  She begged me not to talk to her, because then she'd get yelled at.  I asked if she was lying to me.  She assured me she was telling me the truth.

I was screaming inside, but remained calm as I exchanged pleasant greetings and inquiries with Staff.  "It sounds like there might be some confusion about the insulin.  How much did you give Daughter at supper?"

"9 units." 

She gets 60 grams of carb at supper.  She had been getting 1 unit to every 15 grams of carb, so she was getting 4 units.  I changed it to 1 unit to every 12 grams of carb, which means she'll now get 5 units with supper. 

Staff figured out the 5 units, and then added it to the 4 units she was getting.  Sigh.  She said she thought it seemed like too much.

I explained what might happen and told her she had to give Daughter a double snack at bedtime, no matter what her blood sugar is.  She has all my phone numbers in her phone now, and I am going to send careful instructions home with Daughter tomorrow. 

It's still hard to trust other people with my Daughter's health.  The good news is that Staff will now come directly to me with concerns.  I assured her I'm willing to answer questions at any time.  Inside, though, I'm still very concerned about the danger the extra insulin poses for Daughter. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a busy week.  Even so, I was surprised to discover I hadn't blogged since Tuesday. 

Daughter is wearing a ring on a chain around her neck.  She insists the new guy is "just a friend."  He wanted her to ask me what I'd say if he asked her to marry him--but not right now, some time in the future because they are taking it very slow.  I informed her I would comment on that some time in the future, but not now.  I also told her she had to give him his camera back.  He wanted her to sell it for him for "lots of money."  I don't anticipate this lasting long. 

Daughter had an appointment with her Primary Care Provider this morning.  I picked Daughter up and took her, and Home Owner was also there.  Daughter's evening numbers are high, and some of them don't make sense.  I have explained several times that if the bedtime blood sugar isn't several hours after her supper, it won't give us an accurate picture of her blood sugar.  HO has ignored those emails.  So I brought it up with her today.  She was defensive, insisting this was not an issue.  I tried to explain the importance of it, and she was dismissive.  Then I pointed out the records, and where there were problems.  She pulled out the page that listed meal times, and discovered the correlation of those problem numbers with a late supper, meaning the bedtime check was less than 2 hours later.  She agreed to explain to staff that there had to be at least 3 hours between supper and the bedtime blood sugar, even if it meant waking Daughter up to get it.  I asked PCP to order longer needles for her pens, as I want to make sure insulin isn't leaking out because the needles are too short (and some of the needles she has are very short). 

PCP was supportive of the plans, and as I explained the time it takes for various insulins to peak and the variety of factors that can impact blood sugars, I think HO began to see that I really do know what I'm talking about. 

Daughter was stressing out over some of the conversation, and she saw me addressing that with Daughter, too.  Daughter was quite frustrated at the thought of a physical with pelvic exam next time.  I told her no woman likes that, and then turned to her PCP and said, "Dr. H, do you like having your physical?"  She said she didn't, and Daughter finally relaxed some.  By the end of the appointment Daughter was happy. 

I hope there will be more cooperation moving forward.   I hope. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trying New Things

This evening I baked some gluten free oatmeal cookies.  The original recipe called for butter, raisins, and chocolate chips, none of which I should have.  So I substituted earth blend and coconut oil for the butter, and then substituted dried cranberries and cashews for the raisins and chocolate chips.  They are very good.  I will definitely make them again.

This afternoon we did our first bit of Facebook advertising for the church.  We have a bazaar this Saturday, so we paid to boost a poster we put on church's Facebook page advertising it.  We were able to pick out the demographics we were looking for, so we went for women in the area.  It's getting  lots of views-- we'll have to see if that translates into customers. 

I cancelled out on a pastors' lunch and discussion today.  I stayed in the office to write the program for December 1.  I'm making good progress on it.  It's going to be fun.  We have a detective investigating a disturbance in Bethlehem, and he runs into an angel he questions.  "What's a king doing in a stable?"  "Sleeping." 

Next week I'll be out of the office half the week, the following week will be a short week because of Thanksgiving, and the following week Administrative Assistant will be out of the office for a day or two.  There is a lot going on, so we have to cram a great deal of work into the time we are in the office.  Today was productive, even though the phone was ringing much more than usual.  Several times I answered line 2 because AA was tied up on line 1.  We ignored most of the toll free calls. 

Even with the stress and heavy work load, we have fun in the office.  We always find something amusing that gives us a good laugh.  Daughter is not calling as much, and that helps.  She seems to be in a fairly good place right now.  I'm glad. 

Monday, November 11, 2013


I continue to seek after balance in my life.  After talking to the committee leaders, I decided not to attend 2 committee meetings this evening after the church.  I stopped at the health food store on the way home, and also at the grocery store.  This evening I need to do something here at home.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do-- there are a number of things demanding my attention, some of them rather rudely.  I also want to do something creative, but haven't decided if I'll make penguins, play the piano, or experiment with gluten free cookie recipes.

I was late getting to the church today.  I saw my Nurse Practitioner and then got my hair cut.  NP had some suggestions that necessitated the stop at the health food store.  My mouth gets sore when I eat some foods.  I thought it was because I was reacting to them.  She thinks I may have some yeast issues in my mouth, and suggested I try some chewable acidophilus and see if that helps.  I'm willing to try anything that will enable me to eat tomato sauce again! 

I still had 3 people stop by to chat (though all were there for other purposes), even though I was late getting in today.  I had some good conversations, and also got quite a bit of work done, which is nice.  Daughter wanted to "help" me today, since her program was closed.  I declined her kind offer. 

Now it's off to be creative, productive, or ideally, both!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Text Drama

I had an all day gathering of the regional church today.  I had explained this to Daughter.  Some members were picking her up to take her bowling with the church this evening. 

As I was on my way home from the meeting, I received a text from Daughter.  I didn't open it, but saw enough scrolling across the top of the screen to know she'd been into food again. 

When I got home, I read the text.  She wanted me to come get her TV and DVD's and sell them for retirement.  She'd made a mistake again.  She was going to kill herself after bowling.  No, she'd go ahead and skip bowling and kill herself immediately. 

I decided I needed to call her.  I asked if she was feeling better.  She said she was.  I did not ask for details.  She said she'd been caught by the fill-in staff person who is there this weekend.  I reminded her that she can control what she eats.  I left it at that. 

It will be interesting to see how Home Owner and Case Manager react.  I think they are convinced they've cured her of taking food at the house.  You can't control her eating, and if you try, she will do everything she can to prove you can't. 

The meeting today was good.   I sat with Sister Best Friend.  She was wearing my old clothes, and I was wearing her old clothes.  Friday Night Fun last night was good.  However, I did not get a day off this week.  I'm going to check with commitee leaders tomorrow to see if they need me at their meetings Monday night.  I don't think either committee has anything that requires my presence. 

Friday, November 8, 2013


Last night I emailed Home Owner and thanked her for the information.  I asked 2 questions.  She responded this morning.  She agreed to begin including information on Daughter's bedtime snacks on the blood sugar log.  She acknowledged Daughter's feet are healthy and she doesn't need to go back to the podiatrist for a year.  She told me to let her know when I decide to adjust the insulin.  I'm relieved. 

In a little while I pick up Daughter to go help in our monthly children's ministry program.  After it's over, I will take her back home and then pick her up for worship Sunday morning.  She's not complaining this week-- at least yet.  I'm grateful. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


When I dropped Daughter off this evening, staff came running out to the car to give me an envelope.  Inside were blood sugar records, the report from the podiatrist, and a note saying here they are, let me know if you have any questions.  I am glad I finally have the blood sugar records, though they don't provide all the information I need.  There is no indication as to what time the tests were actually done, and the column for information on her bedtime snack is completely blank.  Still, it is progress, and I am grateful. 

An Email

The dietitian on Daughter's team emailed me privately today to tell me she thought I was doing a fine job managing Daughter's diabetes, and didn't think she should be seeing an endocrinologist.  She agreed that going to one would more likely complicate things.  I still have not heard a word from Home Owner.  Case Manager has gone silent, too. 

My prediction:  Case Manager is desperately looking for someplace to move Daughter.  I'm trying not to think about it. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ignored, Again

Yesterday I requested that Home Owner send me blood sugars regularly and stated the importance of allowing sufficient time between the supper time and bedtime blood sugar checks.  I received no response, of course.  There was a long email to the team outlining all the wonderful work she was doing with Daughter. 

I had not said this to the entire team, but I decided that since she was ignoring the emails I was sending to her, maybe if I replied to the entire team, she would respond.  So I wrote an email (which I had Administrative Assistant read to make sure I wasn't being ugly-- though I'm not sure how effective that was, as she thinks I should be ugly) stating that since Daughter is unreliable, it was important that I get reliable records of her blood sugars.  I said they could be scanned and emailed, faxed, or given to Daughter to deliver on Thursday or Sunday.  I again said it was important that the bedtime blood sugar check was at least 2 hours after she finished supper.  I said that from Daughter's reports, she seemed to be running high at bedtime. 

I acknowledged that there were those who thought I should be taking Daughter to an endocrinologist, and told them I'd consulted with her Primary Care Physician on this question.  I also reminded them I'd successfully managed Daughter's diabetes for a number of years. 

Her day program asked if I would like their blood sugar records.  Case Manager called me.  She was concerned that I had to defend my decision not to take Daughter to an endocrinologist.  She wanted to know what my concerns were.  So I outlined the fact that my emails were not being answered.  I pointed out I'd had no official report on Daughter's visit to the podiatrist.  I talked about the confusion as to whether Home Owner would be involved in PCP appointments.  I told her that while I didn't want to move Daughter, if there was not better communication, she would have to be moved.  She announced she was going to call Home Owner immediately to address all those issues and get them fixed.  She also said she would inform her that I was to be given Daughter's blood sugar records every Thursday.  I haven't heard anything since then.  I'm not surprised. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Frustration with the House

Last week I realized that I will be out of town on the day of Daughter's next scheduled appointment with her Primary Care Provider.  House Owner had informed me she would not be going to future appointments with Daughter's PCP.  She was mad because I was going, too, and she didn't want me involved.  I had informed her that I thought it was good that she was there, but as long as I was managing Daughter's diabetes, I needed to attend those appointments.

So early last week I emailed House Owner and told her that I was now going to be out of town for that appointment, and asked her if she wanted to take Daughter or if she wanted me to reschedule.  I didn't get a response.  On Friday I sent the message again, this time including the Case Manager.  I still didn't get a response. 

Yesterday I had a voice mail from PCP.  Daughter's blood work was back, and they wanted to make sure that I would be at her next appointment because they wanted to discuss it with me.  Her A1C, which measures average blood sugar, had gone from 6.5 to 7.4, meaning her average blood sugar had gone up about 30 points.  I called and rescheduled the appointment, and told them the increase was because Daughter had been into food.  Then I emailed House Owner and Case Manager and told them I had changed the appointment and why.  Case Manager immediately forwarded it to Nurse, who then sent out an email to the team (taking my name off-- I only found out after Case Manager added it back on.)  Today, I had a response from House Owner, informing me she would be attending the appointment, too. 

I know that my involvement and strong opinions are not appreciated by everyone.  I work hard at not being offensive.  I have said repeatedly I don't expect perfection, and I know how challenging Daughter is.  When the house has made mistakes, I have gone to them directly and not included anyone else on the team, not wanting to embarrass them.  When Nurse insisted Daughter's diabetes needed to be managed by an endocrinologist, I checked with the PCP.  She said her control was excellent, and she didn't need an endocrinologist.  She thought going to one would just complicate things, and definitely did not recommend it.  I keep telling them I'm not an expert on diabetes, I'm an expert on Daughter, and have been successfully managing her diabetes for over 13 years. 

Case Manager informed the team that she and the House Owner had cured Daughter of sneaking food by their firm approach.  I'll let them keep believing that for now. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"I Miss You."

Daughter wanted to know if she could come spend the weekend with me this coming weekend.  She's telling me she misses me.  I told her that she would be with me all day Thursday.  Friday evening she'll be with me as she helps with the children's program.  Saturday I have an all day meeting, but some members are picking her up for the church wide bowling event that evening (which I am skipping in recognition of the reality that I do have limits.)  Sunday I'll pick her up for church and then take her home after lunch (I have to be back at the church at 2:00 for a new members class).  So she won't be at my house again next weekend.  She's asking every time she sees me, but remarkably, she's accepting it when I say no. 

They had a very busy day in the concession stand yesterday.  The game was sold out, and it was cold they sold almost 1100 cups of coffee and hot chocolate.  They had a very difficult time keeping up, which doesn't surprise me.  You can only pour it so quickly, and each cup needs a sleeve and lid on it.  To make matters worst, the stadium ran out of coffee-- they didn't even have any in the warehouse they could go get to distribute.  I'm sure that didn't go over with anyone.  There were some other issues as well, such as the stadium giving them moldy buns and finding a mysterious object in a package of hot dogs.  We won the game, but the people in the concession stand had no idea what the score was.  They were too busy all day.  Administrative Assistant and I were planning what we'd wear to stay warm when we work on the 30th.  At this point we have less than half the people they will need to work the stand that day. 

Of course, that means that Daughter won't be with me that day, either.  I'll probably pick her up on Thanksgiving and let her spend Thursday night with me.  I'll take her home sometime Friday.  We are entering the season when I find my location to be most inconvenient.  There is a major shopping area between the church and my house, including a mall, two large discount department stores, and a large electronics store. 

We had another good Sunday.  The pianist was applauded after the prelude again this morning.  He really did outdo himself.  He takes the hymns and choruses we're doing in worship and improvises on them for the prelude and offertory and such.  This morning he was in the mood for jazz, and it really was amazing. 

We had a fellowship meal following worship.  The main course was lasagna, so I took some pasta I could have-- pasta that didn't have any tomatoes and no dairy.  I contributed cole slaw, that way I knew there would be something else there that I could eat.

Administrative Assistant is going to alter my winter coat for me.  As Daughter said, I looked like a little kid playing dress-up with a parent's coat.  It's a long coat that I can wear to the cemetery after funerals, and I want to wait until coats are on clearance sales before I replace it.  I think that's all the news from here.  Now I'm off to make clay Christmas trees....

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Podiatrist and Yard Work

Daughter went to the Podiatrist this week.  You may recall that Home Owner insisted that as a diabetic she needed to be seeing a podiatrist every 3 months.  I said her feet were fine and it wasn't necessary at this point in time.  I finally told Home Owner she could do whatever she wanted, but I wouldn't be involved.  So she made Daughter an appointment with the Podiatrist.  They sent the paperwork to me to be filled out, and I sent it back, blank. 

I asked Daughter how it went with the Podiatrist.  "Oh, I have flat feet.  He said my feet are very healthy and I don't have to come back for a year."  She said he tested her sensitivity (looking for diabetic neuropathy) and she could feel everything.  I am smiling, and refraining from saying, "I told you so."  Administrative Assistant thought it was hilarious. 

I spent several hours working in the yard today.  I cleared out my vegetable gardens and put leaves and grass clippings on them.  I mowed.  I swept most of the locust leaves out of the driveway (it's impossible to get them all).  I'd like to say it felt good, but it was still a gray day.  I'm grateful it didn't rain, though I did feel a few drizzles as I was cleaning up.  It does feel good to have that done, because it was becoming a source of stress.  As busy as November is going to be, I'm glad I got it done today. 

I'm having more pain in my left wrist, probably because I'm using it more.  I've been playing piano and handbells.  I'm carrying heavier things.  I hope that the pain is because it's getting stronger. 

Busy Week

I was surprised to see I hadn't blogged since Tuesday.  That is more evidence that it has been a busy week.  I ended up spending 4 nights in a row at the church, and then last night, when I was home, I had trick or treaters coming to my door.  Daughter did her volunteer work at the church, folding bulletins and shredding old financial documents, but I took her home before choir.  It was meeting late to accommodate Halloween, and I decided I didn't want to take her-- 5 nights in a row at the church would be too much. 

Daughter has apologized and asked if she can come spend the weekend with me.  I've told her not yet.  I enjoy the freedom that comes with not having her around.  Eventually she'll spend the night with me again, but it may not be until Thanksgiving.  We'll see.  I'm going to spend today and tomorrow cleaning around the house.  It's a gray, wet day, which may prevent me from doing the yard work I desperately need to do.

I looked at my calendar for November, and it's going to be very busy.  Tomorrow is probably my only Saturday off this month, and most Sundays I have activities in the afternoon or evening.  Though in all fairness one of those Saturdays will be spent at a reunion for a new pastors' program.  I participated in it 27 years ago.  Mine was the first group, and there have been many groups since.  It was designed to provide support and slow the trend of new pastors leaving ministry within the first five years.  It certainly worked for me!  I haven't seen most of those people since our program ended, so it will be nice to see them and catch up with them. 

Administrative Assistant has also looked at the calendar, and she has informed me that I can't go to the reunion until my newsletter articles are written for December.  Unfortunately, she's probably right.  We figure both of us will end up working the final football game.  I told her I'd sell ice cream and hot chocolate with her.  The final game this year is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we know some of our regulars will be out of town, which is why we anticipate having to work.  It will be challenging, as I continue to struggle with the cold.  Sister Best Friend pointed out that I'm not as well insulated as I have been, which is contributing to my lower tolerance for cold.  I guess that's a good problem to have, though it means I'm going to have to find some slacks that fit, as skirts aren't going to work for me on very cold days....