Sunday, November 3, 2013

"I Miss You."

Daughter wanted to know if she could come spend the weekend with me this coming weekend.  She's telling me she misses me.  I told her that she would be with me all day Thursday.  Friday evening she'll be with me as she helps with the children's program.  Saturday I have an all day meeting, but some members are picking her up for the church wide bowling event that evening (which I am skipping in recognition of the reality that I do have limits.)  Sunday I'll pick her up for church and then take her home after lunch (I have to be back at the church at 2:00 for a new members class).  So she won't be at my house again next weekend.  She's asking every time she sees me, but remarkably, she's accepting it when I say no. 

They had a very busy day in the concession stand yesterday.  The game was sold out, and it was cold they sold almost 1100 cups of coffee and hot chocolate.  They had a very difficult time keeping up, which doesn't surprise me.  You can only pour it so quickly, and each cup needs a sleeve and lid on it.  To make matters worst, the stadium ran out of coffee-- they didn't even have any in the warehouse they could go get to distribute.  I'm sure that didn't go over with anyone.  There were some other issues as well, such as the stadium giving them moldy buns and finding a mysterious object in a package of hot dogs.  We won the game, but the people in the concession stand had no idea what the score was.  They were too busy all day.  Administrative Assistant and I were planning what we'd wear to stay warm when we work on the 30th.  At this point we have less than half the people they will need to work the stand that day. 

Of course, that means that Daughter won't be with me that day, either.  I'll probably pick her up on Thanksgiving and let her spend Thursday night with me.  I'll take her home sometime Friday.  We are entering the season when I find my location to be most inconvenient.  There is a major shopping area between the church and my house, including a mall, two large discount department stores, and a large electronics store. 

We had another good Sunday.  The pianist was applauded after the prelude again this morning.  He really did outdo himself.  He takes the hymns and choruses we're doing in worship and improvises on them for the prelude and offertory and such.  This morning he was in the mood for jazz, and it really was amazing. 

We had a fellowship meal following worship.  The main course was lasagna, so I took some pasta I could have-- pasta that didn't have any tomatoes and no dairy.  I contributed cole slaw, that way I knew there would be something else there that I could eat.

Administrative Assistant is going to alter my winter coat for me.  As Daughter said, I looked like a little kid playing dress-up with a parent's coat.  It's a long coat that I can wear to the cemetery after funerals, and I want to wait until coats are on clearance sales before I replace it.  I think that's all the news from here.  Now I'm off to make clay Christmas trees....

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