Friday, November 1, 2013

The Podiatrist and Yard Work

Daughter went to the Podiatrist this week.  You may recall that Home Owner insisted that as a diabetic she needed to be seeing a podiatrist every 3 months.  I said her feet were fine and it wasn't necessary at this point in time.  I finally told Home Owner she could do whatever she wanted, but I wouldn't be involved.  So she made Daughter an appointment with the Podiatrist.  They sent the paperwork to me to be filled out, and I sent it back, blank. 

I asked Daughter how it went with the Podiatrist.  "Oh, I have flat feet.  He said my feet are very healthy and I don't have to come back for a year."  She said he tested her sensitivity (looking for diabetic neuropathy) and she could feel everything.  I am smiling, and refraining from saying, "I told you so."  Administrative Assistant thought it was hilarious. 

I spent several hours working in the yard today.  I cleared out my vegetable gardens and put leaves and grass clippings on them.  I mowed.  I swept most of the locust leaves out of the driveway (it's impossible to get them all).  I'd like to say it felt good, but it was still a gray day.  I'm grateful it didn't rain, though I did feel a few drizzles as I was cleaning up.  It does feel good to have that done, because it was becoming a source of stress.  As busy as November is going to be, I'm glad I got it done today. 

I'm having more pain in my left wrist, probably because I'm using it more.  I've been playing piano and handbells.  I'm carrying heavier things.  I hope that the pain is because it's getting stronger. 

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