Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ignored, Again

Yesterday I requested that Home Owner send me blood sugars regularly and stated the importance of allowing sufficient time between the supper time and bedtime blood sugar checks.  I received no response, of course.  There was a long email to the team outlining all the wonderful work she was doing with Daughter. 

I had not said this to the entire team, but I decided that since she was ignoring the emails I was sending to her, maybe if I replied to the entire team, she would respond.  So I wrote an email (which I had Administrative Assistant read to make sure I wasn't being ugly-- though I'm not sure how effective that was, as she thinks I should be ugly) stating that since Daughter is unreliable, it was important that I get reliable records of her blood sugars.  I said they could be scanned and emailed, faxed, or given to Daughter to deliver on Thursday or Sunday.  I again said it was important that the bedtime blood sugar check was at least 2 hours after she finished supper.  I said that from Daughter's reports, she seemed to be running high at bedtime. 

I acknowledged that there were those who thought I should be taking Daughter to an endocrinologist, and told them I'd consulted with her Primary Care Physician on this question.  I also reminded them I'd successfully managed Daughter's diabetes for a number of years. 

Her day program asked if I would like their blood sugar records.  Case Manager called me.  She was concerned that I had to defend my decision not to take Daughter to an endocrinologist.  She wanted to know what my concerns were.  So I outlined the fact that my emails were not being answered.  I pointed out I'd had no official report on Daughter's visit to the podiatrist.  I talked about the confusion as to whether Home Owner would be involved in PCP appointments.  I told her that while I didn't want to move Daughter, if there was not better communication, she would have to be moved.  She announced she was going to call Home Owner immediately to address all those issues and get them fixed.  She also said she would inform her that I was to be given Daughter's blood sugar records every Thursday.  I haven't heard anything since then.  I'm not surprised. 

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