Monday, November 11, 2013


I continue to seek after balance in my life.  After talking to the committee leaders, I decided not to attend 2 committee meetings this evening after the church.  I stopped at the health food store on the way home, and also at the grocery store.  This evening I need to do something here at home.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do-- there are a number of things demanding my attention, some of them rather rudely.  I also want to do something creative, but haven't decided if I'll make penguins, play the piano, or experiment with gluten free cookie recipes.

I was late getting to the church today.  I saw my Nurse Practitioner and then got my hair cut.  NP had some suggestions that necessitated the stop at the health food store.  My mouth gets sore when I eat some foods.  I thought it was because I was reacting to them.  She thinks I may have some yeast issues in my mouth, and suggested I try some chewable acidophilus and see if that helps.  I'm willing to try anything that will enable me to eat tomato sauce again! 

I still had 3 people stop by to chat (though all were there for other purposes), even though I was late getting in today.  I had some good conversations, and also got quite a bit of work done, which is nice.  Daughter wanted to "help" me today, since her program was closed.  I declined her kind offer. 

Now it's off to be creative, productive, or ideally, both!

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