Saturday, November 16, 2013

Calm Outside, Screaming Inside

Daughter called this evening.  "You know how you told me my insulin was going up by 1 unit at supper?  Well, my blood sugar was 121 and Staff gave me 9 units."

"How many units?"


She was supposed to get 5, hoping I misheard her, I asked, "She gave you 9 units?" 


I asked her to put Staff on the phone.  She begged me not to talk to her, because then she'd get yelled at.  I asked if she was lying to me.  She assured me she was telling me the truth.

I was screaming inside, but remained calm as I exchanged pleasant greetings and inquiries with Staff.  "It sounds like there might be some confusion about the insulin.  How much did you give Daughter at supper?"

"9 units." 

She gets 60 grams of carb at supper.  She had been getting 1 unit to every 15 grams of carb, so she was getting 4 units.  I changed it to 1 unit to every 12 grams of carb, which means she'll now get 5 units with supper. 

Staff figured out the 5 units, and then added it to the 4 units she was getting.  Sigh.  She said she thought it seemed like too much.

I explained what might happen and told her she had to give Daughter a double snack at bedtime, no matter what her blood sugar is.  She has all my phone numbers in her phone now, and I am going to send careful instructions home with Daughter tomorrow. 

It's still hard to trust other people with my Daughter's health.  The good news is that Staff will now come directly to me with concerns.  I assured her I'm willing to answer questions at any time.  Inside, though, I'm still very concerned about the danger the extra insulin poses for Daughter. 

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