Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I was out of the office part of last week, and Administrative Assistant will be out of the office part of next week.  This is a busy time of year.  Basically, we were struggling to get 2 weeks worth of work done in 3 days.  To say it was a busy week would be an understatement.  At one point we were ahead, but this week we were behind. 

I have picked up the virus that's going around, so I've been coughing and don't have a voice.  I sound horrible, but really don't feel bad.  I am very grateful I'm not preaching this Sunday, since we have a drama and hanging of the greens. 

Tomorrow we're going to be with Brother and Sister for Thanksgiving.  I've told Daughter that she can come home with me tomorrow evening and spend the weekend.  I also warned her we will be working.  There is a lot of cleaning to do, and I'd like to get some decorations out and up.  I also hope to get some extra sleep. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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