Friday, November 1, 2013

Busy Week

I was surprised to see I hadn't blogged since Tuesday.  That is more evidence that it has been a busy week.  I ended up spending 4 nights in a row at the church, and then last night, when I was home, I had trick or treaters coming to my door.  Daughter did her volunteer work at the church, folding bulletins and shredding old financial documents, but I took her home before choir.  It was meeting late to accommodate Halloween, and I decided I didn't want to take her-- 5 nights in a row at the church would be too much. 

Daughter has apologized and asked if she can come spend the weekend with me.  I've told her not yet.  I enjoy the freedom that comes with not having her around.  Eventually she'll spend the night with me again, but it may not be until Thanksgiving.  We'll see.  I'm going to spend today and tomorrow cleaning around the house.  It's a gray, wet day, which may prevent me from doing the yard work I desperately need to do.

I looked at my calendar for November, and it's going to be very busy.  Tomorrow is probably my only Saturday off this month, and most Sundays I have activities in the afternoon or evening.  Though in all fairness one of those Saturdays will be spent at a reunion for a new pastors' program.  I participated in it 27 years ago.  Mine was the first group, and there have been many groups since.  It was designed to provide support and slow the trend of new pastors leaving ministry within the first five years.  It certainly worked for me!  I haven't seen most of those people since our program ended, so it will be nice to see them and catch up with them. 

Administrative Assistant has also looked at the calendar, and she has informed me that I can't go to the reunion until my newsletter articles are written for December.  Unfortunately, she's probably right.  We figure both of us will end up working the final football game.  I told her I'd sell ice cream and hot chocolate with her.  The final game this year is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we know some of our regulars will be out of town, which is why we anticipate having to work.  It will be challenging, as I continue to struggle with the cold.  Sister Best Friend pointed out that I'm not as well insulated as I have been, which is contributing to my lower tolerance for cold.  I guess that's a good problem to have, though it means I'm going to have to find some slacks that fit, as skirts aren't going to work for me on very cold days....

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