Friday, November 29, 2013


We spent yesterday with Brother, Sister, family and friends.  It was a good day, though exhausting.  I drove 190 miles, picking up Daughter, then Sister and Short Niece, and going on to Brother's home.  I took my own food.  When I arrived and Brother hugged me, he lifted me off the floor.  He was impressed with my weight loss.  Sister took a picture of me and posted it on facebook.  I hate pictures of myself, but decided to make this one my profile photo.  It's nice to feel good about the way I look.

Today Daughter and I went out to breakfast and then to the grocery store and health food store.  She would have loved to do some other shopping as well, but once she saw the parking lot at the mall, decided maybe I did know a thing or two about shopping on Black Friday. 

My cough and cold is now taking a toll.  Earlier this week I had been proud to proclaim that while I sounded terrible, I didn't feel bad.  I can't say that anymore....  Daughter has been cleaning.  I've done a bit of cleaning, and a lot of sitting. 

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be improving.  The extra sleep and rest through the day will hopefully speed the healing process. 


Marge said...

I have also spent the day sitting and coughing and sputtering....not fun, is it! Hope you feel better quickly. So proud of your weight loss!

Blessings, Marge

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Marge, I hope you recover quickly, too. Last night I was convinced I had the flu, as my skin was sensitive and I couldn't get warm. After a good night's sleep, hopefully today will be better.