Friday, November 15, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a busy week.  Even so, I was surprised to discover I hadn't blogged since Tuesday. 

Daughter is wearing a ring on a chain around her neck.  She insists the new guy is "just a friend."  He wanted her to ask me what I'd say if he asked her to marry him--but not right now, some time in the future because they are taking it very slow.  I informed her I would comment on that some time in the future, but not now.  I also told her she had to give him his camera back.  He wanted her to sell it for him for "lots of money."  I don't anticipate this lasting long. 

Daughter had an appointment with her Primary Care Provider this morning.  I picked Daughter up and took her, and Home Owner was also there.  Daughter's evening numbers are high, and some of them don't make sense.  I have explained several times that if the bedtime blood sugar isn't several hours after her supper, it won't give us an accurate picture of her blood sugar.  HO has ignored those emails.  So I brought it up with her today.  She was defensive, insisting this was not an issue.  I tried to explain the importance of it, and she was dismissive.  Then I pointed out the records, and where there were problems.  She pulled out the page that listed meal times, and discovered the correlation of those problem numbers with a late supper, meaning the bedtime check was less than 2 hours later.  She agreed to explain to staff that there had to be at least 3 hours between supper and the bedtime blood sugar, even if it meant waking Daughter up to get it.  I asked PCP to order longer needles for her pens, as I want to make sure insulin isn't leaking out because the needles are too short (and some of the needles she has are very short). 

PCP was supportive of the plans, and as I explained the time it takes for various insulins to peak and the variety of factors that can impact blood sugars, I think HO began to see that I really do know what I'm talking about. 

Daughter was stressing out over some of the conversation, and she saw me addressing that with Daughter, too.  Daughter was quite frustrated at the thought of a physical with pelvic exam next time.  I told her no woman likes that, and then turned to her PCP and said, "Dr. H, do you like having your physical?"  She said she didn't, and Daughter finally relaxed some.  By the end of the appointment Daughter was happy. 

I hope there will be more cooperation moving forward.   I hope. 

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