Saturday, November 9, 2013

Text Drama

I had an all day gathering of the regional church today.  I had explained this to Daughter.  Some members were picking her up to take her bowling with the church this evening. 

As I was on my way home from the meeting, I received a text from Daughter.  I didn't open it, but saw enough scrolling across the top of the screen to know she'd been into food again. 

When I got home, I read the text.  She wanted me to come get her TV and DVD's and sell them for retirement.  She'd made a mistake again.  She was going to kill herself after bowling.  No, she'd go ahead and skip bowling and kill herself immediately. 

I decided I needed to call her.  I asked if she was feeling better.  She said she was.  I did not ask for details.  She said she'd been caught by the fill-in staff person who is there this weekend.  I reminded her that she can control what she eats.  I left it at that. 

It will be interesting to see how Home Owner and Case Manager react.  I think they are convinced they've cured her of taking food at the house.  You can't control her eating, and if you try, she will do everything she can to prove you can't. 

The meeting today was good.   I sat with Sister Best Friend.  She was wearing my old clothes, and I was wearing her old clothes.  Friday Night Fun last night was good.  However, I did not get a day off this week.  I'm going to check with commitee leaders tomorrow to see if they need me at their meetings Monday night.  I don't think either committee has anything that requires my presence. 


Miz Kizzle said...

You could get a nice retirement nest egg from selling the TV and DVDs. Perhaps as much as $35.00.

Reverend Mom said...

Maybe that $35 would enable me to retire a few minutes early!