Friday, September 10, 2010

A Road Map Out

I received a call from Nurse at the workshop this afternoon. Daughter was on the bus headed home. Nurse had been summoned because Daughter was on the floor, seemingly unconscious. Nurse could tell Daughter was hearing her and choosing not to respond, so she informed her that if she didn't respond, she'd have to call the squad. Daughter had the good sense to respond then. I think she wisely decided now was not the time to push me any further.
When Daughter got home, I handed her a list I had printed. It was entitled "How to Turn It
Around." Basically, the list was about fixing the things she had done wrong. I was quite specific, itemizing the things that needed to be done in the guest room. When faced with a project like that, Daughter is overwhelmed. If I break it into smaller, more manageable pieces, she's fine. So it was real basic, "Pick up the pictures and put them back in the footlocker." "Take care of the food containers." She worked on the list for a couple of hours, and has made progress. She swears she has learned her lesson and won't trash the guest room again. Of course I don't believe her, but she knows what I want to hear, and so she says it. She's sitting next to me on the couch now, sleeping. There will be no electronics until she's completed the list. As expected, she didn't argue with the list or protest. I really do need to get in the practice of making all communication with her written. It's much easier.

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