Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Randomness

I got over to church early this morning to make some copies for Sunday School. One of the women who was supposed to sing this morning came into the office crying, carrying her music. "I can't do it." This is the song she was going to sing with her sister-in-law:

Her close friend's grandson committed suicide yesterday. She had chosen this song for me as I get ready to leave. I assured her it was okay, and stuck an extra hymn into the service instead of their duet.

They couldn't get one of the two entrances into the sanctuary to unlock this morning. It threw everybody who sits on that side of the church off.

We were going to use the projector in worship to preview Sunday School, but they couldn't get the projector to work with the sound system. We had to have audio for Sunday School, so I sent Daughter home right after the worship service to get my computer and speakers, and we ran the DVD through that.

We had a guest organist today, and she had some problems with the hymns.

Since two men in the county committed suicide this past week, I addressed that in my sermon. It fit well with what I'd planned, but was still hard. A classmate of the one who died yesterday was quietly crying during worship. Daughter got up and took her some tissues-- she'd known her from school. This young couple was visiting today. Because of the congregational meeting, I didn't have an opportunity to talk to them. I was pleased when I saw Daughter offering tissues and comfort to the young woman.

The congregational meeting to accept my resignation was immediately following the worship service. It was harder than I thought it would be. No one wanted to make the motion to accept my resignation. One of the board members asked what would have happened if they'd all voted no.

One of our kids, who will be a senior this year, was bugging me today. She wants me to come back for her graduation. I suggested she'd like the next pastor even better. She wasn't buying it. I will be sad to miss her graduation. I've watched her grow up, and she's a remarkable young woman.

I gave the music for Precious Memories to the man whose coordinating the special music for my last Sunday. He'd asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had any requests. I'm not sure that song is a good idea-- it may have us all in tears by the time we're done.

Sunday School started back up today. It was good to see the children and youth there.

Tonight is the first youth group of the year. We're watching a video and making sundaes. Everyone was instructed to bring their favorite ice cream topping. Two weeks from tonight we'll have a pizza party with the youth as I say goodbye to them. I'll miss them. They're great kids. I remember when some of them were born.

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