Monday, September 13, 2010

A Discovery

While sorting through files this evening, I found a file that contains several letters and the sermon that was preached at my ordination 25 years ago. I may pull it out and post some excerpts tomorrow. One of my mentors preached, and he talked about how he had gone for a walk in the park to contemplate what he was going to say. As he was walking, he saw a letter on the ground. He picked it up and opened it up. It was a letter to a minister inviting him to come preach in a church and meet with the deacons with the thought that they would call him to be their new pastor. I had remembered the letter, and he gave me the actual letter he'd found. What I'd forgotten was this: the letter was from a church in Capital.
I'm going to go back and reread the sermon and the other letters. I'm grateful that I found them as I prepare to begin my ministry at a new church, a church in the city that was mentioned in the call letter to a pastor 25 years ago. That letter was found in a park miles away from that city. It feels like reassurance from God that I'm headed to the right place.

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