Friday, September 10, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

So after an awesome evening Wednesday, Thursday was a disaster. Once again her time wasn't structured at the gift shop. I had multiple calls from her. Her back and shoulder hurt. She was lighted headed, and thought she was going to have a seizure. I sympathized, reassured her, and refused to go pick her up. I also made myself available to her when she got home, and she wrapped herself around my arm and promptly fell asleep.
I finally made her get up and help me load the trash into the dump trailer. She was dramatic about it, of course. She asked to go out to supper, and since I didn't want to cook, we headed to the pizza buffet in Town. When we got home, I told her she needed to take care of her laundry, the cat boxes, her bedroom, and one bathroom. She didn't like that. The rest of the evening was a disaster. I was called names, told what a terrible mother I was. When I insisted she hang up her clean clothes properly, she informed me none of the fit and she needed to get rid of them. I pointed out she'd worn them all this week.
Every thing I asked her to do she delayed, protested, and if done, did haphazardly. I thanked her for teaching me not to take her out for supper. She didn't like that, of course. Sigh. It's probably expecting too much to want her day today to be structured so she doesn't find a complaint to focus on and drive me crazy with her phone calls all day.

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