Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The movers began unloading at 10:00 this morning. I was on my feet and up and down on a step ladder until we got to the cell phone store a little after 5:00. The store was busy, and so there was no place to sit as we waited. I leaned against a post and realized I was exhausted. My entire body is sore, but especially my feet.
Lots of people stopped by today. When the one man showed up, Daughter tore down the hall to give him a big hug. He and his wife took her home to meet their cat during the open house. I had 4 women come to help me in the kitchen. Since I could reach 3 shelves in my old kitchen I really wasn't aware of what I had. Today I got rid of a bunch of glasses and mugs. More will go as I continue to unpack. I thought I had gotten rid of stuff, but there were still over 140 boxes that came off the truck today. I think they multiplied after they put them in there. The rooms are smaller. I still may decide I need to get rid of some furniture.
I had hoped most of the unpacking would be done by the weekend. That may have been overly optimistic, but then again, I have more people coming tomorrow to help, so maybe we will be done. As soon as my linens are through washing, I'm going to make my bed and get in it. Daughter has done pretty well today. She worked on her room and the bathroom. Our new refrigerator and freezer arrive tomorrow morning. The movers took the old refrigerator to the basement, so we are getting our exercise.
At some point, I need to write a sermon for Sunday. Minor details.

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