Saturday, September 11, 2010

Even Worst

I knew Daughter had trashed the guest room, but I had no idea how bad it was until I actually got in there today. There were three of us working for three hours, and we're not done. One of her "friends" has been giving her candy. Big bags of fruit chews and smarties and all sorts of things that are pure sugar. As always, we found numerous piles where she had just dumped bags out on the floor. She had thrown out a number of my pictures, so I had to go through the trash she had collected in one of her attempts to clean up the room.
We did make progress. Personal Assistant will be back Wednesday evening, and hopefully we'll be able to finish it that day. PA gave her strict orders-- she's not to trash it and she is to pick up the rest of her hair stuff that's spread all over the floor and organize it. Daughter cleaned her room today-- and has been busy doing laundry. She has at least 4 loads of urine soaked linens. I know why her room has smelled so bad-- she hasn't been doing all the linens on a daily basis.
I dread the thought of what she will do to our new home. I've decided she will sleep on an air mattress until she stops wetting the bed. I'm not moving her mattress, and I don't want to give her another one to ruin.
Yesterday I was feeling good about the progress we were making. Today, I'm a little less optimistic. What doesn't get sorted here will be packed by the movers and sorted after we move or maybe the next time we move....


Miz Kizzle said...

What the heck? Doesn't her "friend" realize your daughter is diabetic and candy can harm her? Can the person who gave her the candy be identified and talked to about this?
Can you lock the guest room door so she can't get in there? I've read that sometimes it's necessary when dealing with a child or a young adult with brain damage to "make their world smaller" when they are under stress. Perhaps your DD's world needs to shrink down to her room, the living room and the bathroom. The kitchen and the guest room seem like dangerous places for her right now.

Reverend Mom said...

Can't lock the guest room here. I will be able to lock lots of things up when we move. Right now my goal is to keep her alive until we move.

Corinn said...

Can you put a door alarm on the guest room? I think there are stick-on alarms...

Reverend Mom said...


If we weren't moving soon, I'd consider a door alarm. Since the movers arrive 2 weeks from tomorrow, I'm not going to worry about it, and hopefully I won't regret that decision. Whwen we move, I'm going to buy locks for a number of different doors: the pantry, the refrigerator, my bedroom, the study/guest room. The movers arrive 2 weeks from tomorrow. 3 weeks from today I will be in the pulpit here in Tiny Village for the last time (not that I'm counting).