Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Final Youth Group

I said goodbye to the youth group tonight. We ate pizza and celebrated the wonderful people they are. In continuing with the theme of Philippians 4:4 and following that I began this morning in worship, I had them name something good about youth group. I continue to be amazed by this group, where the special needs kids are accepted and supported and they go out of the way to include them. They had lots of good things to say about our activities and our efforts to incorporate all of their ideas. We have a woman who came tonight who is considering helping with the youth group. We played the name game. In my version, you introduce yourself and name a food you like that begins with the first letter of your name-- then everyone recites all the names and foods of the others. Tonight we had some interesting foods-- spam (in a can), eel, lollipops, kale, chicken.... We also did balloon stomp (balloons tied to the ankle-- the object is to be the last one with an unpopped balloon). We all had a great time. Now I have a ton of work I want to get done before I go to bed. It has been a good day.

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