Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Big Event

We got over to the church about 4:00, and spent the next 5 1/2 hours eating, visiting, singing, listening, giving and receiving hugs, and saying many emotional good byes. I received many compliments on my ministry here from the people who had come from distant places for the Big Event.
Daughter was interesting. Part of the time she was circulating on her own greeting people. When we finally sat down for the event itself, she would move away from me, and then hang on me. She would sit holding her head like she was dying, and then stand up and sing her heart out. She wasn't getting the reaction she was looking for from me. Several times she told me she had to leave. I wouldn't let her, so she'd be pathetic and act like she was dying, and when that didn't work she'd stand up and sing. It must have been very frustrating for her, not being able to get the attention she was seeking.
All in all it was a good evening. A very good evening.

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