Monday, September 27, 2010

Adventures in Moving

My home has been invaded by 3 men. It's like a tornado has invaded the house. So far only 2 glitches: I broke a window, and they loaded my bed onto the truck. They're leaving me a futon mattress, so I'll survive. By the time they leave tonight, the bedrooms will all be empty. They think I'm wonderful-- I provided them with food, and I had done a lot of sorting, so most of the stuff that was staying was in the study, making it easier on them.
They are good natured guys. Daughter finds them them amusing. Unfortunately, two of them are allergic to Kitten. The plan is to finish packing and loading tomorrow, and then unload on Wednesday. Daughter is doing well. PA came today, and did a wonderful job of keeping me sane. Kitten is freaking out-- she has a sensitive digestive tract, and so she is having diarrhea again, much to Daughter's dismay. I told Daughter that she would calm down once we get settled into our new home.
It's amazing how much stuff we have-- even after getting rid of lots of it. I couldn't believe how much stuff we pulled out of the Christmas section of the attic. The disjointed nature of this is an accurate reflection of the current workings of my brain. Pity those who are trying to talk to me or stay in the same room with me....

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