Thursday, September 2, 2010


I was expressing my frustration to Daughter about the bed wetting. I told her I was reluctant to redecorate her new bedroom when she is continuing to wet the bed. I explained that I didn't want the odor of urine getting into new carpet.
She ended up sobbing in my arms for 45 minutes. She feels like a 3 year old. She's waking up at 3:00 every morning, unable to go back to sleep. She feels like her friends are all turning against her. She's embarrassed by the bed wetting, and doesn't know how to stop it. Nobody loves her because she's moving.
I'm keeping her up a little later tonight, in the hopes that she will then sleep longer. She said, "I just want to move now. I don't care if we have to leave all our stuff behind." This transition time is so hard on her. I wish I could change that. Super Supervisor had to leave early today. Daughter called sobbing about that, too. She needed SS to be there to comfort her. I wish I could speed things up for her. These next few weeks are just going to be hard. That's the reality. I can't change that reality. I'm feeling overwhelmed, too.

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