Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Daughter and I both enjoyed the day off from packing and stress yesterday. We had a good time at the fair. Come evening Daughter got very anxious and insisted we only had one more week here. She had me concerned for a minute, but then I opened the calendar and showed her that in reality, we have 3 weeks.
I am reading Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft right now. It is helping me plan my work and feel less stressed about it. This morning I did the worship programs for the rest of September. I only have to figure out October 3 now, and then I will be done with that part of my work here. Having those done is a great stress reducer. I have help coming this afternoon, and I think we will tackle the study again. I need to clean out some files and such in there.
I'm beginning to make some decisions, which is good. I have someone who wants to buy my refrigerator, which is great. I think she'll take the freezer, too. Progress is being made, and as I've worked on my priorities, I find I am feeling less stressed. Hopefully I will continue to experience this piece about the whole process.

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