Saturday, September 25, 2010


When I went into the kitchen last night, I found an empty 9 by 13 inch pan in the sink. It had been almost full of corn bread. I was frustrated, but as has been the case the last month or so, I reminded myself that soon I will be able to lock food away from Daughter. I reminded myself that she is looking forward to that, too.
Yesterday she said goodbye to the people she has seen daily for the last 4 years and every summer for several years preceding that. Yesterday evening our neighbor was her to hang out with me. Daughter is jealous of the neighbor, of course, recognizing that the two of us have conversations that are totally beyond Daughter's ability to comprehend.
Daughter really is handling this move amazingly well. I know that there will be some challenges ahead. I know that there will be some times when she is clinging to me or screaming verbal abuse at me. I also know we will get through it. I'm glad that Sister will be here to sit with Daughter on our last Sunday in worship here. I know that will be a hard day for both of us.
For now, though, I am grateful. Grateful that Daughter is doing this well this close to the move. I'm taking her out to breakfast this morning. Then we'll come home and dig into the final things I want to accomplish before the movers come on Monday morning. I'm sure I will be frustrated with the amount there still is to do. I also know that no how much I do or don't get done before the movers arrive, Wednesday we will be unpacking in our freshly painted, deep cleaned new home. That will be a good day.

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