Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Event Craziness

This weekend is the Big Event. It's the highlight of the year here in Tiny Village. Visitors coming for it will more than double the population of the village Sunday evening. The Big Event also brings out all the crazies. Over a month ago a woman caused 4 or 5 different members to demand that the speakers in the balcony be working this year because she'd contributed to the upgrade of the sound system. She was pretty nasty in her comments.
Today I got a frantic phone call form one of the musicians. There is one key on the piano that sounds funny to her. She needed the name and number for the piano tuner immediately. Of course, she told the piano tuner to call me, so he called this evening. He's going to come by tomorrow, so I have to have the church unlocked for him.
We carefully have everyone on the committee responsible for the Big Event proofread the program. Last night Secretary brought two of her kids and I took Daughter and we spent a couple of hours at the church while 450 programs printed and the kids folded it. So tonight, at 10:30, the individual who is in charge of the Big Event called me. Yesterday she had said it was good to go. She found 3 typos in the program-- she wants it reprinted. I pointed out this is why we ask so many people to proofread it. "Oh, I didn't read that page." Sigh.
I will go over tomorrow and start it printing again. I'll work on my sermon or something when I'm over there. Maybe I'll do that while the piano tuner is fixing the key. Of course, he warned me that the string may need to be replaced and he'd have to order the string. The chairman said the ushers can fold the programs, but I don't think that will work. Let me rephrase that. There will be lots of complaining if the ushers are asked to do the folding. I'm tired of the complaining. I'll figure something out. Maybe I'll just stop answering the phone....

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