Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yesterday I had a delightful evening with an extended family in the church. I received lots of hugs, enjoyed good conversation, was offered a toast, had a delicious meal with regional favorites, and then sat outside on the porch (with a jacket-- it was feeling like fall) and enjoyed fireworks. There were 4 generations of this family and a few friends present, and some of them live in Capital, which led to wonderful conversations and hints about places to go.
Daughter got hit be a spark, which prompted lots of drama, so I sat next to her and she snuggled in next to me, covering herself with jackets they'd dug out of closets for us. I enjoyed the entire evening, and on the way home Daughter was able to put aside her small injury and talk about all the things she had enjoyed.
She's still sleeping. I slept in, too. I had the windows open, and it was cool enough I slept under a blanket and quilt. It felt great!

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