Saturday, September 25, 2010

Insurance Fun

Today I ordered refills for all of Daughter's prescriptions online. There was one I couldn't order online, so I stopped at the drive thru window to ask them to fill it while we were at breakfast. When we got to the drugstore to pick the prescriptions up, there were problems with 3 of them. The insurance company was suddenly requiring prior authorization on two of her psychiatric prescriptions. She's been on both of these drugs for months with no requirements for prior authorization. Do they really think that it is a good idea to mess with her psych meds as we get ready to move? The pharmacist finally got both of them to go through, though I had to pay a copay on one of them. The other problem wasn't as easily solved-- they were out of one of her insulins. It will be in on Monday. I'll see if a friend can pick it up on her way home from work.
Top priority when we get to Capital will be getting her signed up for medicaid and getting her in with a doctor. I picked up the last refills for the prescriptions from her family doctor. I have a month to get her in and get new prescriptions. I'm hoping that the family doctor will be willing to manage her diabetes. Once food is locked up, her blood sugars should be predictable and so I don't think we'll need to see a specialist until challenges come up. I don't anticipate problems, though, as long as I'm in charge of insulin and food.
We are making slow progress. I had not accomplished as much with the upstairs files as I thought. It will get done.

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