Friday, September 24, 2010

Are You Sure?

Yesterday I gave the three men a tour of the church building here in Tiny Village. We have a beautiful building, and they were admiring it. One of the men said, "Are you sure you want to leave this place?" I looked at him and said, "Last Friday I had pizza delivered to my door. I made a phone call, and like magic, pizza appeared on my doorstep." They found that amusing. I intended it to be amusing, but I was also serious.
Being this isolated has not been easy. I've had a check to deposit for a week. The bank is at least 10 miles from here. I haven't been near it all week. I've been to a regional church meeting 2 hours away, but there isn't a branch of my bank in that city. I've had a couple of other trips, but none took me near the bank. I'm tired of being this isolated. We're having pizza with the youth group Sunday. That will require someone to make a 20+ mile round trip.
This has been a wonderful, safe place for Daughter to grow up. Now, it's time to move. God has called us to a place that will provide her with more opportunities, me with new challenges, and both of us with conveniences we've never experienced before. I'm sure. It's time.

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