Sunday, August 1, 2010


Later this morning we will be heading to Capital to begin our quest for a new home. It is scary and exciting. We are pretty much packed, so we should be able to leave fairly quickly after worship this morning. Daughter will find it challenging not to say anything about where we're going this morning. I'm looking forward to being able to officially announce that we are moving. It's challenging, not being able to talk about the biggest thing in our lives to the people we see every day. I understand and respect the reasons why, but it is still challenging. Two weeks from today the board will know. Three weeks from today the congregation in Capital will vote and make it official. Three weeks from tomorrow a letter will be mailed to the entire congregation.
But before any of that happens, this morning we worship and celebrate communion-- I'll try not think about the fact it will probably be the last time I celebrate communion here in Tiny Village. That may be a challenge.

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