Friday, August 20, 2010

Pizza with the Board

We just got back to the motel after pizza with the board. It was a wonderful evening with wonderful people. We were talking about generational differences. We talked about children. We talked about politics, and they weren't extremists! Quote of the night: "Those who see things black and white are missing some gray matter."
We have some construction going outside of Tiny Village. The other night I forgot to take a different route to avoid the closed road, and ended up having to drive 3 miles out of my way. When I saw the road closed sign, I said something slightly inappropriate for a minister to say. As we were greeting and meeting the people, Daughter told the story, using the word. They thought it was hilarious. I said, "Well I'm human." Someone said, "Now we don't have to worry if we slip."
I like these people. I like them a lot. Some had gone by to check out the house I'm buying. One had looked up Tiny Village on the Internet. All were interested in Daughter, who did very well. She ended up moving to another room to talk to people, and then the host gave her the TV remote, so she was happy. A couple of the women grew up in suburbs near the suburb where I grew up.
Tomorrow the day begins with a staff meeting at 9:30, followed by brunch with the service board at 10:00. My excitement continues to grow. Yesterday I realized that I have received more emails from more different people connected with that church than I receive in a year from Tiny Village. I think I will be able to be myself here. I'm looking forward to that.

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