Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Daughter has a tooth that's bothering her. I called today to make an appointment with her dentist. They won't see her anymore because she has Medicaid. I can't even take her there if I pay. They were the only dentist in the area taking Medicaid. I understand that there is a dentist in the congregation at Capital who likes helping the pastor. That's good news. Hopefully she won't get an abscess between now and the time we move.
Waiting to move is getting harder for Daughter. She's calling me more frequently with vague complaints. In her most recent call, she complained that her blood sugars have been jumping all over the place today. They've ranged from 99 to 110. Those numbers are fantastic for someone with type 1 diabetes. They don't get much better than that (normal is between 70 and 120). Those numbers are basically identical given the margin of error on her meter.
Fortunately, she sees Therapist tomorrow morning. I promised her cuddle time when she gets home in a little while.

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