Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stopped Medication

Nice Guy's mom told me he had taken himself off his medication. Since that time, he's been making some very poor choices. He keeps befriending underage girls. Apparently he's begun to drink heavily. Last night Daughter was concerned because when she called him he didn't sound right. He said he'd call her back after he dropped off his friends and got home. He never called back. She thought he sounded like he'd been drinking. She was angry with him because he'd been verbally abusive with one of their friends earlier in the day.
I feel sorry for his mother, who is watching him slowly self-destruct. He has always been very defiant, and she has struggled to get him help his entire life. He's not an adopted child, but he certain struggles with mental health issues similar to what adoptive parents face. She can't force him to take his medication. I know there are many people who are completely opposed to psychiatric medication. I wish those people could spend a month or so living with someone with serious mental illness who isn't medicated, and then see the difference medication makes for them.
I'm sure Daughter will meet people in Capital who struggle and make poor choices, but I hope she will also have an opportunity to make some friends who are stable and will be good companions for her. That is my hope. Several people commented to me that Daughter looked good and seemed to be doing better these days. For the most part, she is. The lying, though, is about to drive me up a wall.

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