Saturday, August 21, 2010


We have brunch today at 10:00, so when I got up at 6:00, I decided to go down and get us breakfast from the buffet while Daughter was in the shower. I came back with small western omelets, seasoned potatoes, a small piece of lemon poppy pound cake, and milk for both of us. I also had hot tea. Daughter had asked for a muffin, but the ones they had were too big.
Daughter asked if they had decaf coffee. I told her they did. She wanted to go get some. I told I'd go with her later. "I understand." A few minutes later, "Mom, I need to go get us some ice." I told her we didn't need any. I also told her that I would be taking the room keys into the bathroom with me when I took my shower. She turned on the TV and found some cartoons, so for now, at least, the muffin has been driven out of her mind. She was dry last night. I made her bring her De.pends, and she was determined she was not going to wear them. That should keep her dry at least until Sunday night. In a little while we will head over to the church to meet the staff and have brunch.
Commercial break. She's thinking about muffins again. I guess I'd best escort her down to get some decaf.

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