Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Realtor called a while ago. Listing agent is presenting my offer to the executor of the estate at 5:00 this evening. He thought it looked good, the only potential problem was the delay in the home inspection. He said they might want to leave it on the market to see if they get other offers. After discussing possibilities, I decided to move up the inspection. Hopefully I can make the trip up and back next Monday. I think it may actually be better.
It will give me the opportunity to take some measurements and pictures so that I can begin to make some decisions/plans. The house includes all appliances, but if those appliances are too old, I may want to move the ones I have here. It will also help me prioritize what work I want to do this fall. I'm getting more excited. Sister and Short Niece might come to Capital for the home inspection if we do it next Monday. We could go out to lunch, and they'd get to share our excitement. It's becoming more real every day.

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