Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Errands

Daughter and I met a woman for breakfast in town at 8:00. We were talking about a graveside service tomorrow, and Daughter was bored. She asked if she could walk to the pharmacy with the prescriptions I'd brought along and take care of them. She was quite proud of herself-- she took in the new prescriptions and waited for them, signing for them and all the refills I'd ordered on line last night. She made her way back to the restaurant as we were standing out front talking. She told me about all the things that had tempted her, but she knew I was going to count the change and check the receipt, so she behaved. This was a new experience for her, and she was very proud of herself. On the way home we talked about how she'll be able to do that kind of thing when we move to Capital.
We then went to the grocery store, got the car washed, and stopped at the farmer's market. I stood in line for sweet corn and they sold the last of it to the individual in front of me. I got lots of other good things, though, so it was still worth the wait in line. I told Daughter she could choose today's project. We're going to go upstairs and spend one hour working in the guest room. I also need to fill pill boxes, and I think we'll go to a different town for blood draws. I've revised last week's sermon, so I'm ready for tomorrow morning. I'll spend about an hour later today perfecting the graveside service.
One of my rewards will be working in the kitchen with the treasures I found today at the farm market. I'm planning a couple of different salads, and maybe some apple sauce. I'm planning to make this a good day.

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