Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Good Parts

This congregation has a trailer they take to go do mission trips, where they do construction projects, both locally and nationally. There are a number of retired men who have made this their ministry. They have told me they want to bring the trailer down to Tiny Village and move some things back up here for me. One confessed that they wanted to see Tiny Village-- they'd heard about it from the women who visited, and were wanting to see it for themselves. At first I didn't see much point in it, but then I realized they could move the things the movers won't want to move-- like the lawnmower, the propane grill and tanks, the gas can, and more of the books. They are thrilled.


Many people had driven by to check out my house. The men want to trim the shrubs. They want the list from the inspection. They wondered if they could start work before I closed on the house. They are eager to do whatever needs to be done. I think that they will more than make up for that 15%.

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