Tuesday, August 10, 2010

V Power

As Daughter and I were headed to Capital yesterday, she was again talking about her plans for her new bedroom. I told her if she can keep her room clean and stay dry at night, for her Christmas present I will redecorate her room. She has been watching entirely too much HGTV, and was talking about the thing she wanted to do to make the room "pop." Her plans involve pastel green, pink, blue and black. I didn't ask her what pastel black was. I made a comment which prompted her to tell me, "I want to do it completely by myself." I managed to avoid shuddering at the thought, but did tell her, "Remember, I have veto power."
About that time we passed a gasoline tanker on the interstate, that was painted with a large advertisement for its "V-Power." Daughter pointed it out, "Mom, that's what you have, you have V-Power!" I like it.


Miz Kizzle said...

Would "pastel black" be grey?

Reverend Mom said...

It could be, or it could be that she doesn't understand what pastel means. Either way, I didn't want to damp her enthusiasm by seeking clarification.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Pastel black might very well be charcoal.

If that is so, it would work well with many of the colours.

And greylead pencil could also be considered "pastel black".