Thursday, August 5, 2010

Four Boxes

I have packed 4 boxes of books now. Three will go to the church in Capital when I'm up there for the home inspection Monday, one will go the AAUW book sale in City. It feels good to be making progress. I finally woke up Daughter and informed her that if she wanted me to fill out the form so she could stay at the gift shop, she'd best get up and get moving. She wasn't too happy, and tried to insist I had to fill it out. I informed her I had to take care of her pills and insulin, so she'd be healthy, but I didn't have to do the nonessentials when she was sleeping all day and refusing to help. I told her I could point her to the ladder out of her hole, but I couldn't make her climb it, the choice was hers. Eventually she got her act together and cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the steps. She's also helped some with laundry.
Now I'm going to watch some TV with her. All in all, it's been a pretty good day. It feels good to be getting some packing done. I've also gotten two bids on the move. I'm feeling good about the progress on the move and the work I did for Tiny Village today. Tomorrow I'll finalize sermon and head to the nursing homes. Saturday will be mine!


maeve said...

I like "climbing out of the hole" as a concept. I think I'll adopt it....makes sense here as well.

Miss K got out of her hole today with no help, but drove me nuts yesterday.

Reverend Mom said...

Daughter came up with the hole, Therapist taught her about finding ways to climb out of it. It has been something concrete that has worked very well with Daughter. Hopefully it will be helpful for Miss K, too.