Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finding Work

I've been struggling with being productive for Tiny Village, since my mind is racing to other things. This morning I decided to do work for Tiny Village related to the move, so I planned out my final sermons here, and what message I want to give them. Secretary was quite impressed when I presented her with the September worship schedule for the newsletter. It felt good to be productive, and once I'd done that it was easy to get moving on the sermon for this Sunday.
Daughter is back upstairs sleeping in her bedroom because I suggested she clean the bathroom. Lots of apologies today, but still unwilling to turn things around. I can point her to the ladder that will get her out of the hole, but I can't make her climb it.
I've decided against dragging her to the nursing homes today. I'm having some intestinal discomfort, so it seems more prudent not to make the 20+ mile drive to the nursing home. I'll go tomorrow. This afternoon I'll do more work on Sunday's worship and transitional stuff. Maybe Daughter will get bored with sleeping and decide to get on the ladder.

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