Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I fall asleep thinking about our new home, and wake up thinking about our new home. I walked into the kitchen this morning to get my pills and iced tea, and made a decision about where the rags will live in the new one, and marveled at the thought that when I put a lock on the pantry, I won't need to have 3 separate lock boxes in the kitchen.
Realtor emailed me the paperwork last night. I signed the appropriate places and then scanned and emailed them back to him. I think that means we're now under contract. I'm eager to get up there for the home inspection. I have more plans to make and don't have enough information to make them yet.
I just received an email from a member of the search committee, urging me to push my start day back a week so I have more time to get settled in. It brought tears to my eyes. Congregations I've served haven't shown concern for me in that way-- it's all been about their needs. This really does feel like a wonderful dream.


maeve said...

This is very exciting. Keep us posted.

Reverend Mom said...

Keep you posted? You're going to be so bored by the time this is through you aren't going to want to read anymore about it!