Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall in the Air

The leaves are beginning to turn. The county fair starts next week. The Big Event at the church is a week from Sunday. Some of the area schools have started. There has been a chill in the air the last few mornings. Fall is coming. Yesterday I had the windows open and was enjoying the cool breeze-- until one of the farmers decided it was a good day to spread manure. That's definitely one thing I will not miss about Tiny Village.
Actually, there are some farm fields around the area of the Capital church. It is on the suburban edge. That's why we saw deer in the parking lot when we went house hunting. Of course, that also means that when the economy finally turns around there will be room for construction and the area will continue to build up.
Daughter is having a hard time with the transition. She sees Therapist this morning. I think that we will be seeing Therapist quite regularly as we move through this transition. Fall has always been a challenging time for Daughter. It was in October that her birth family fell apart. Birth Mom moved the kids into a shelter after a particularly brutal beating of one of the boys. The transition back to school was also a challenge for her each year. So now I'm adding one more transition to challenge her this fall. Maybe, in time, she will see the move to Capital as a very positive thing and fall won't be quite as hard on her (or me).
Yesterday when she called begging me to come get her, I told her it was newsletter day and so I was stressed and grumpy and she didn't want to be near me. Actually, yesterday was the easiest newsletter day we've had in a very long time, but she didn't need to know that. After I told her I was stressed and grumpy, I didn't get any more calls from her. I'll have to remember that line.

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