Friday, August 13, 2010


While I was in town yesterday, I bought some diet pop and vanilla ice cream to make our favorite ice cream floats. We had one after supper, and it was delicious. I carefully reminded Daughter that we could have these daily as long as she stayed out of the pop and ice cream. Today I found the empty ice cream carton (half gallon) in the wastebasket under the desk in the upstairs hall. We were getting ready to go out the door at that point. I asked her what her blood sugar had really been this morning. She confessed it had been 213, not that 113 she'd told me. She'll be high all day, and so she won't feel good. I'm trying to figure out who might appreciate the rest of the diet pop. It certainly won't be around for Daughter to have.
I will be so glad when I am able to lock the refrigerator and pantry. It will make my life much less stressful. We will not be going to the final concert in the park tonight. After ignoring my text messages yesterday evening and getting into ice cream over night, she's due for an evening at home with me. The sad thing is, I'm punished by all of this, too. I enjoyed my ice cream float yesterday evening, and now I can't have them because of her lack of control. With a refrigerator and pantry that locks, I'll be able to have treats in the house. That will be very nice.


maeve said...

Interesting! As I've said before, she's smarter than we all give her credit for I think. That's pretty complex thinking to figure out that it's the last game so she can escape consequences. K is supposedly smarter but I'm not sure she could think this through.

I've put Family Locator on my favorites because I kept forgetting the password. I'm not as smart as I used to be either.

Reverend Mom said...

Daughter is such an enigma.

I have no clue what my password and such was-- I need to go in and retrieve it and figure out how to make it easier to use.