Friday, August 20, 2010

Receiving Care and Support

I just got a call from someone on the search committee. I had decided that I was going to spend Sunday night in Capital to take care of some business on the house on Monday. I planned to pay for the motel for that night, and was contemplating moving to a cheaper motel. The committee decided that it would be better for Daughter if we didn't move, and they're paying for the motel. They want to make it easy on me. I am blessed. Now I'm packing up the computer and finishing the packing and preparations for our departure. Daughter has decided, as I thought she would, that she is going with me. Amazingly, she was dry last night. Just when I think she's predictable, she surprises me. At least it was a good surprise this time.

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maeve said...

Wow! Very impressive and sensitive folks in this congregation. You're a lucky woman.