Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Short Break

At 9:30 this morning we met with the staff at the church. From there we went to the brunch, then back to the church where I did some fine tuning of the PowerPoint for tomorrow. At 2:00 there was an open house. I shook lots of hands. One of the search committee members took Daughter over to her house to meet her cat and have a break. She was asking me when I wanted Daughter back. I told her I was beyond making any decisions. I had to explain this a couple of times, and finally she said, "We'll bring her back at 4:00." I thanked her.
Daughter came back glowing. They gave her caffeine free diet pop and their cat loved her. I previewed the PowerPoint on the screens (3 of them) in the sanctuary. Then we came back to the motel. We arrived here about 5:00. Daughter is sleeping. We'll leave here at about 5:45 to go visit some members in their home. I really like these people. Three generations will be there. Grandpa is retired from the state, and was a compliance officer overseeing special ed. Grandma is a retired special ed teacher and leads the bell choir. Dad does leadership training with the state. We were talking about generational issues last night. Mom works part time maintaining the church website and as financial secretary. The kids are 6, 4, and 1 1/2. It will be a fun evening, I'm sure.
The people here are warm and welcoming. Several have heard where the house I'm buying is located, and have driven by to check it out. They were all complimentary. There is a new library near our house, and everyone was talking about how fantastic it is. One woman was silent, as another was raving, and I said, "You must not have been there yet." She acknowledged that was the case. She lives in a different town.
The boxes of books we brought with us this time have been placed in the office. I can't wait to call this community home.


maeve said...

Your long wait was certainly worth it. Sounds like you've found a real home -- church home and home home. What a wonderful thing!

Reverend Mom said...