Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why We Won't Have a Guest Room

So today we were going to tackle the guest room. Within 5 minutes, Daughter had kicked me out of the room, which was a good thing. I discovered that it had become her dumping ground. I picked up 5 empty blood glucose test strip bottles off the bed. Apparently she cleaned out her diabetes case, but instead of doing it near a wastebasket, she just dumped it on the bed.
Her senior project had been taken out of its notebook and dumped on the bed. Every outfit she has tried on recently and decided not to wear was dumped someplace on the floor. The hangers were under the bed, on the bed, on the shelves. She'd dumped her hair stuff out on the bed. She was excited because she found the clips she'd been missing. I think I'd asked her why the card game was out of its box and there were empty strip bottles on the bed when she decided I needed to leave. She promised she'd work on it. I sorted and packed 7 boxes of books while she dealt with the stuff on the guest room bed. She spent an hour in there. We'll spend another hour or two tomorrow. It's going to take time, but we will get stuff sorted.
However, I will not have another guest room-- at least not while she's living with me. I don't go into the guest room regularly, which makes it too easy for Daughter to dump stuff in there. The third bedroom will be my home office. The futon from the den will be in there for guests. Daughter will have to find someplace else to dump her stuff. The sad thing is, I know she will find that place. I'm not going to stop the dumping, but hopefully it won't be on the main floor of our home.

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