Thursday, August 26, 2010


Somehow Daughter managed to get into the pantry yesterday without me hearing the door alarm. She took some chips, and the proceeded to lie to me about her blood sugars the rest of the day. I discovered the chips were missing at bedtime. I went into her room and demanded she give them to me. I made her check her blood sugar in front of me. It was sky high, of course. She punished me by wetting the bed.
I am amazed by the skill she shows for sneaking food by me. I should know better than to say good things about her here....


Jennifer said...

why do they feel the need to sneak food? My daughter is not denied food nor did she have moments of her life of being denied food. I just dont get it.

maeve said...

I wonder what would happen if you told her that you were no longer in charge of her food nor her blood sugars? She could do whatever she wants and, if she were to end up in the hospital well, she would end up in the hospital. She's probably test you at least once and end up .... you know where.

Would this work to solve the power and control issues??? Only you know the answer.

Still don't know how to do it!

Reverend Mom said...

Okay, I'm going to give contradictory answers, but that's the nature of life with Daughter.

It's about power and control-- we can't control them.

It's not just about power and control, it's about testing me to see if I'm paying attention and will keep her safe, especially from herself. When she's stressed and facing transitions, it's very important that she knows I'm paying attention and will keep her safe.

maeve said...

Oh, you're exactly correct and that's the difference between our girls -- mine is all about control and mostly believes that I'll keep her safe unless she's threatening to be a teen mom. So I guess my plan won't work for Daughter. So, once more, you're on the right (frustrating) track. Yech! Sorry. But happy that you're headed for the right place to get her independence.

Reverend Mom said...

Our girls will most likely always be frustrating. But there are moments of sheer joy that more than make up for the frustrations.