Monday, August 23, 2010

We're Home

We're back in Tiny Village. I'm tired, for some strange reason. Today I signed more house papers (no date for closing yet), went through the house yet again, and stopped at two insurance agencies for quotes on home owners and auto insurance. I talked to the Sisters as I was coming home. Tall Niece and Nephew started back to school today. Sister had more news on her ex's attempts to get a mortgage modification so that Sister can move into her own house.
I know it is going to be increasingly difficult to focus on the needs here as I anticipate the move to Capital. Daughter wet the bed last night, and was trying to convince me she was dying today. She came up with a new one today: in addition to being constipated, she said she wasn't able to urinate. I was actually concerned for a little while. She was weepy again this morning, and in one of the insurance offices ended up kneeling on the floor beside me so she could lean on me. The agent was a little concerned, to say the least. For her to do that in public is a sign of how stressed and exhausted she is.
Hopefully the return to routine tomorrow will be good for her. She is now allowed to talk openly about our move, which might make things easier. I hope that the people here received the letters tomorrow so I can begin to talk more openly about it. I have refrained from making an announcement on facebook. I got my first facebook friend request from someone in Capital yesterday. I confirmed him as a friend right away.
One big change that will be nice but take some adjusting is the way that Capital uses email to communicate. I know I will come to appreciate that in time.

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